For a decade, Simone Schmidt has been writing new life into and around folk, country, and rock songs. Schmidt has worked under several aliases, fronting country act One Hundred Dollars (2007-11), psych rock unit The Highest Order (2011-ongoing), and solo project Fiver (2012 - ongoing). Schmidt has written the songs on six LP's, (three of which were long listed for the Polars Prize) along with a range of singles, and collaborations with artists as wide ranging as hardcore punk phenomenon Fucked Up, to the inimitable USGirls, and Old Time and Bluegrass veteran Chris Coole. Schmidt has produced original works for film (World Famous Gopher Hole Museum, Land of Destiny, Circle of Steel) and appears as a guest vocalist on a number of records, including Doug Paisley, Tasseomancy and The Wooden Sky. 

In April 2017, Schmidt released Audible Songs From Rockwood on Idee Fixe Records, a song cycle based on the lives of people incarcerated at the Rockwood Asylum for the Criminally Insane in Upper Canada between 1856 -1881.